It might be interest you know a short history about the house in which you are dining.

IMG 1226In 1650, the Welschen family lived here, from historical documents, it is evident,
that they tilled the fields as well as innkeeping for a living. Through inter-marriage, the innkeepers name changed in Reynders. This led also a change in the type of business. The inn became a hostelry, meaning that travelers with horses and wagons could stay overnight.

The ice-cellar, with walls with 1,6 meters thickness, remained to 1963. This and other parts of the building testify the fact that the inn keepers brewed their own beer as well. Then the name changed again by marriage in Dyks. The name Peters for the hostelry occurred for the first time, when Leonard Peters married Maria Dyks in 1824. At this time the Peters not only have the inn, but they also farmed, bought and sold horses, and they have a hauling enterprise. The horses sold by Peters came from Belgium and were sold either to the southern german breweries or the bavarian army.

Colonial goods which arrieved at the port of Rotterdam were brought to Höngen by wagon. A trip needs 12-14 days time. As there were few bridges and ferries in those days many long daytours had to be made. During the long hard winter 1823-1824, it was possible for the wagoners to shorted their journey by crossing the frozen river Maas. This rare event commemorated by a painting on the old main gate of the Gasthof, which could be seen to 1934. The barn is one of the oldest parts of the Gasthof Peters.

Your hosts today are Sofia Peters and her husband Franz. They have the business since 1990 and they had restored the Gasthof completly. Now they have several areas to make a party or having a diner, The “Geloagkamer” for about 40 guest, the “Caffee” for max. 25 guests, the “Bistro area ” for around 10 guests, the “red salon” for max.12 guest in the wintergarden area, and last not least the big festival hall for 40 to 180 people with their own bar area and if it is necessary also an own stage.

For the fun also exist a german bowling(Kegelbahn), a pool billard and a table football. Also we have some hotel-rooms or a big appartment to stay here for a few days or longer. Sofia is a fully qualified head cook, she has worked as head cook in a number of good Restaurants, at last as kitchen supervisor of the Officers-Club NATO AIRBASE Geilenkirchen (until Summer 1992) If you have more questions to the history of the house or to have a party in our rooms, ask Sofia or Franz Peters to help you.

PS. All menues are also to go.

We wish you a pleasant an enjoyable stay