To make your holiday complete, we offer various wellness packages as additional booking options. Mention your special requests when you make your reservation Be aware that fees may apply. Please inform us when you are allergic to or have special wishes (e.g. due to illness) for your breakfast or other meals. It is of great importance to us to ensure you enjoy a carefree time. Our staff will be happy to be of service should you have special wishes during your stay.


„Time for Two“

Whether for an anniversary, for a birthday or for no reason at all, the "Time for Two" package is a great start of your spare time together. You enjoy - we serve.



60.00 Euro for 2 guests



  • a bottle of chilled champagne waiting in your room upon arrival
  • Dinner for two – a romantic 3-course surprise dinner for two

„Your heart’s desire“

“Chocolate is happiness that you can eat” (Ursula Kohaupt, German lecturer and writer). Who wants to give his/her sweetheart a loving getaway should not let this package slip by.



20,00 €



  • chocolate candy box
  • a bottle of chilled sparkling wine waiting in your room

If, for a special occasion, you want a bouquet of flowers we will take care of that too. However, this service is not included in the package price and will be charged separately. Please understand that this service might not be available at very short notice bookings or (Christian or legal) holidays.

„Care package“

If you prefer to be independent of breakfast times or are simply looking for a snack on the go, we are happy to provide you with a care package. Naturally, your sweet, savory and vegetarian/vegan wishes will be considered. Please mention any specific allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements in advance, preferably when you make your hotel reservation. This package is very suitable for families with younger and older children.



10,00 € per adult

5,00 € per child (until the age of 12)



  • sandwiches or bread rolls with a filling of choice
  • 1 small bottle of water per person
  • a small snack for in between meals
  • upon request a piece of fruit or vegetable