Geul-ServaasbrugOur rural, yet centrally located hotel is situated in the village of Höngen which
belongs to the municipality of Selfkant. Belonging to Germany again only
since 1963, the Selfkant is Germany’s westernmost municipality.
Before then, Selfkant was part of the Netherlands for almost 20 years
that had been awarded this strip of land as compensation for
war damages suffered under German occupation.




HTS SE Historisches-EnsembleThe region has a lot to off to families too. No limits are set to playing, fun and excitement. Whether you want to get a jungle feeling in the climbing forest in Aachen, or want to enjoy yourself in the Dutch theme park Park Mondo Verde or in the GaiaZOO, one of the most beautiful zoos in the region, it never gets boring. All tourist attractions are within easy reach and offer family-friendly deals for affordable prices. And bear in mind that we offer a “Care package” (see the category Wellness packages).
Kerst-aan-de-MaasIf you want to visit the historical and cultural cities of Aachen or Maastricht, you will find that these can be easily travelled to within 40 minutes. Both cities offer museum lovers and those interested in culture a varied and exciting program. The Aachen Cathedral, built in the 8th century by Emperor Charlemagne is really worth a visit. If you want to relax after a busy day in Aachen, we recommend the Carolus Spa near the centre of Aachen who’s spring waters have a particular therapeutic effect. The German Eifel with its National park is just an hour’s drive away and the Belgian Park Midden Limburg is a thirty minutes’ drive away. Both Parks are ideally suited for unhurried walks.
HTS HS Lago-LaprelloA variety of biking and hiking trails invite you to an idyllic countryside exploration tour. It’s just a twenty minutes’ bike ride to the small Dutch town of Sittard which offers numerous shops, restaurants and cafes around its market place. If you like to make a (somewhat) longer trip, should not miss the opportunity to go to the Three-Country Point or to Maaseik in Belgium.
HTS SE Historisches-EnsembleSimply leaving your car for a couple of days and relaxing while hiking is not difficult around here. Numerous well maintained and marked trails await you and your family. Small towns on the Dutch side of the border are within walking distance and supermarkets and shops for everyday use require a less than thirty minutes’ walk. Would you prefer not to go on foot, nor use a car, then we will gladly help you with local transport or rail services from Heinsberg to Aachen.
HTS WA Spargel KorbAs mentioned above, the Dutch city of Maastricht and the historical German city of Aachen offer every culture enthusiast many attractive destinations. Cultural institutions and museums in both cities invite you for a stay. Aachen offers seasonal cultural activities such as the Classic Open Airs, the CHIO, theatre premieres and concerts in Congress Centre Eurogress. A guided tour of the Aachen Cathedral and the Cathedral’s Treasury Chamber or a city tour are equally recommended. And when you feel more like shopping, then the centre of Aachen with its countless shops, and the outlet centres in the Dutch city of Roermond and the Belgian city of Maasmechelen will fulfil all your wishes.

Aachen Tourist Informaton:

Aachen Three-Country Point (Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium) (about 35 minutes by car):

Aachen Cultural Program:

Aachen Carolus Spa (about 35 minutes by car)

Aachen Stadttheater (City Theater):

Aachen Kletterwald (about 35 minutes by car):

Visitors‘ Centre Hückelhoven Colliery (about 30 minutes by car):

Designer-Outlet Center Maasmechelen  Village(about 35 minutes by car):

Designer-Outlet Roermond (about 40 minutes by car) :

Eifel Nationalpark:

Eifel, city of Monschau (about 1 hour by car):

Eifel, Café am Roten Haus (Cafe at the Red House) (expecially recommended when visiting Monschau):

Spare time guide fort he region:

Gangelt, Wildlife Park (about 15 minutes by car):

Gaia Park, Zoo ( Anfahrt ca. 30 Minuten) :

Heinsberger Tourist Service:

Maaseik, Belgium (about 30 minutes by car):

Maastricht Tourist Service (the Netherlands):

Mondo Verde, theme park (about 30 minutes by car):

Selfkantbahn, Schierwaldenrath (the only remaining narrow-gauge steam locomotive railway in Germany. It is even possible to get a honorary degree in steam locomotive driving) (about 15 minutes by car):

Sittard, the Netherlands (about 10 minutes by car):

Snowworld Landgraaf, Indoor-Skiing (one of the largest indoor ski slopes in the world) (about 30 minutes by car)):

Zipfelpass (Passport for those who want to visit the westernmost, the easternmost, the northernmost and the southernmost municipals of Germany):